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Why Tires Sales are the Best Segment of the Auto Repair Industry

Tires franchise customers tend to be happier by the very nature of the transaction. Here’s why.

Big O Tires franchise

Greg and Tammy Kimberlin own a Big O Tires location near Louisville, Kentucky.

The automotive industry doesn’t always inspire warm and fuzzy feelings among customers, however, customers usually know when they are due for a new set of tires. That can be advantageous to Big O Tires franchisees.

Tire purchases are expected expenses, a part of the normal wear and tear on a car. Drivers can see when the tread is getting worn. Unlike other frustrating automotive issues like transmission repairs and various engine problems, customers plan to replace tires on a regular basis. When they stop in, they are already primed to make a purchase.

Customers have been coming to Big O Tires for more than 50 years because of the quality of our tires, our warranties and our service. We offer free tire rotations for the life of purchased tires, as well as nationwide warranties. We also provide courtesy vehicle inspections to help customers stay on top of routine maintenance such as oil condition changes, transmission fluid exchanges and brake repair. These additional services account for a significant chunk of a Big O Tires franchisee’s revenue — and they are simple to offer when customers stop in for tire rotations.

Big O Tires franchise

Our warranties and our service have helped Big O Tires build a brand that inspires customer loyalty. Big O’s net promoter score, a measure of customer satisfaction and customers’ likelihood of recommending the company to others, is high. The company’s 2012 score was 70, according to a study from marketing firm Barkley, putting it in league with companies like Apple (which earned a 70 for its smartphones in 2013) and Amazon (69 in 2013), according Satmetrix’s Net Promoter Industry Benchmark report.

Kent Coleman, an owner of four stores in Salt Lake City, saw the power of Big O’s reputation affect sales dramatically when he converted a competing business to the Big O brand. “The day we put up the Big O sign, the sales of that store went up dramatically,” Kent says.

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