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What Makes Big O Branded Tires Special?

The best value in the tire market is a great deal for our franchisees, too

The Big O name isn’t just on the side of our buildings. It’s also on the side of many of the tires we sell to customers every day. Since 1974, Big O has worked with American tire manufacturers to create a patented line of tires that are custom-designed for Big O Tires using specifications that are set by our franchise advisory committees. In the truest sense, these are our franchisees’ tires.

Big O’s COO Speaks About Trust

They’re a heck of a value

Big O Tires co-founder Norm Affleck, who served as president from 1962 to 1984, helped bring the Big O line of tires to life in 1974. He realized that by using Big O’s collective buying power to work directly with manufacturers to create our own line of tires, Big O could cut out middlemen in the production and distribution process and use those savings to offer then-unheard of warranties and free lifetime services to purchasers of Big O brand tires. Those warranties and services helped build the customer loyalty that Big O franchisees enjoy today. It’s not unusual for a Big O Tires store that was open in the ‘70s to have customers roll in on Big O tires for their fifth decade of service.

First-time customers are often drawn into a tire store by the search for a good deal

How Big O Branches OutThey often shop for the best price on either discount tires or premium brand name tires — but the best values are usually in between those two extremes. And the absolute best values usually have the Big O name stamped on the side. Big O combines the knowledge of its franchisees and the research of TBC Corporation. to create tires that use the best, newest technologies to increase safety and performance. We’ve developed a wide range of tires suitable for a variety of driving styles and conditions — a speed demon who like to roar around tight curves in the desert roads outside Phoenix will need a very different tire than a commuter traversing snow-covered highways in Colorado, and we have Big O tires that meet those driving styles and road conditions, and everything in between.

For franchisees, Big O branded tires are compelling for two reasons

bg037-big-o-bigfoot-at-allterrain_FTOne, since the middleman is cut out of the supply chain, franchisees enjoy higher profit margins on Big O and Big Foot tires — even after accounting for the industry-best warranties and services that are included in the purchase price. Second, Big O tires engender loyalty. Once someone owns a set of Big O Tires, they are almost certain to return to one of our stores for free alignment checks, free tire rotation and balancing. Each time they return, we provide a quick vehicle inspection to let them know about any other suggested maintenance to keep their cars or trucks safe and in top condition.

Big O doesn’t push customers to fix everything at once. The company lets them know about any items that turned up on the inspection. If an associate recommends an additional service, they explain why. Big O associates let them know how long it would take us to provide the additional service, and what the charge would be. Big O respects the customer’s time and budget.

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