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What is Big O Tires?

Big O Tires has more than 390 franchised locations and a rich history built upon earning customers’ trust

If you’re researching businesses online, you’ve probably noticed the proliferation of review sites that allow customers to share their experiences. Yelp!®, Angie’s List® and Google Places® reviews are hugely popular, and it’s no surprise why — people crave the chance to deal with a company they can trust. That’s what makes Big O Tires so special.


Big O Tires is one of America’s largest tire franchises, with nearly 400 franchisee-owned locations in 19 states. While tire sales are key to Big O Tires business, it offers a whole lot more: brake jobs, oil changes, alignments, suspension work, battery replacement, transmission fluid exchanges, cooling system fluid exchange and fills, brake fluid exchanges, power steering fluid exchanges, new wiper blades, belt replacement, radiator repairs and headlight and taillight replacement.

Every time a customer comes into a Big O store for a tire rotation or other service, the associates offer a free inspection, which keeps vehicles safe and gives us a chance to help customers stay on top of routine maintenance and other services to prolong the life of their vehicle as well as their tires.

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Big O was founded in 1962 by a small group of tire store owners. They set out to create the best customer service experience in the auto services industry. Today if you walk into one of our stores it’s common to find customers who have been coming to Big O for decades, customers whose parents are Big O customers, and customers whose children are now Big O customers.

Paul Day, who owns a Big O Tires franchise in Woodland, CA, interviewed for a job at Big O the day that the Woodland store opened in 1978. He bought the store 10 years later. The store’s very first customer, who bought the first set of tires on December 4, 1978, is still a regular customer.

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Those kinds of long-lasting customer relationships are very common at Big O Tires.

In spring 2012, we worked with independent ad agency Barkley to conduct consumer insight research with over 840 Big O customers to better understand our customer relationships. The results were astounding.

Findings demonstrate that Big O’s customer satisfaction numbers aren’t just good — they are stratospheric. Based on this research, our Net Promoter Score (NPS), a measure that gauges overall satisfaction, is 70 — an elite score that positions Big O Tires in the same category as Nordstrom, Apple, Google and Trader Joe’s. Not bad for an auto service company! Our customers love us, which is why they keep coming back.

Big O Techs Over Engine

Derek Edwards, who bought his parents’ Big O store in Sandy, UT, in 2011, has been adding a lot of new customers, but gets a kick out of seeing the same faces again and again. Derek was 6 when his parents bought the store in 1990.

“We have a lot of customers who know me from when I was pulling weeds and sweeping the parking lot,” he says. “It’s really cool. There are lots of older folks who bring in cookies and doughnuts. These people become your friends. It’s amazing how many people come in and say, ‘Here are the keys to my car, just take care of it.’ Because of the Big O name, people know they can trust you.”

Day, who owns the store in California, says he likes knowing that when his customers are on the road, they can pull into another Big O store on the other side of the country and still receive reliable, excellent service.

Bill Walker, who has two stores in Southern Indiana, says he loves spotting Big O customers. Big O sells its own brand of Big O tires as well as major brands and discount tires.

“I love when I’m walking through a parking lot and I see a lot of Big O tires, because I know where they bought them,” says Bill. “There are a lot of nice things about being part of Big O.”

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