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What Makes Big O Distinct from the Competition?

Innovations, warranties, corporate backing and branded tire lineup set Big O apart

Big O Tires offers several advantages that help our franchisees outcompete other tire stores.

Big O Tires franchise

VIP Service:

Big O Tires takes a 5-step approach to providing excellent customer service, with training that helps owners understand everything that goes into a great customer experience — everything from how to win a new customer during an initial phone call, to how best to speak with customers about suggested services to keep their vehicle in great shape, to how to explain an invoice and follow-up with customers to ensure they had a great experience.

Speed Lanes:

Big O Tires stores feature at least one service lane with garage doors at the entrance and exit, which allows an assembly line approach to tire changes. Multiple technicians work on a car simultaneously, which allows Big O associates to install a new set of tires and provide a basic inspection in as little as 15 minutes. That saves customers a lot of time, and also allows us to service many cars in a single day, boosting profits.

Big O Brand Tires:



Big O carries economy tires for customers who are price shopping for the cheapest option, and the company carries national name brand tires for customers. An associate will direct customers to the tires that best suit their needs, but what Big O really loves to sell are its own Big O brand tires. Big O’s popularity exploded after it introduced its own tires in 1974 and began offering an industry-best tire service guarantee and warranty — if your tire fails within its warranty period, we’ll repair it or replace it for free; if you get a flat on the side of the road, we’ll send a tow truck to change your tire and get you moving again; if you bring your car to a Big O store, we’ll give you a free rotation and rebalance for the useful life of the tire.

Big O works with American tire manufacturers to design its patented Big O brand tires, and since it is able to place orders using the combined buying power of all Big O franchisees and the TBC Retail Group, Big O is able to provide exceptional tires and industry-leading warranties while preserving a healthy profit margin. Profits aside, the Big O name is in white lettering on the side of its tires, and there’s nothing quite like walking into a parking lot, looking down and seeing hundreds of advertisements for your business.

“If you are going to be a tire dealer, you want to be a Big O Tire dealer,” says Joe Happel, who owns three stores in and around Louisville, KY. “Big O has got its systems figured out so you can impress customers and make a profit.”

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