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What Customers Say About Big O Tires

Big O Tires customer reviews show the loyalty and trust that lies at the heart of our brand


As part of marketing firm Barkley’s study of the Big O brand, nearly 1,000 customers were interviewed. The results quantified something that Big O has known for decades: “The Team You Trust” isn’t just a slogan, it’s the truth. Here are some of the things customers say about us:

From the customer satisfaction survey:

Asked to describe the character of Big O Tires, one participant in Whitewater, CO, described us as being like Tom Hanks.

“Friendly, honest, helpful…someone you feel you could trust to always give you a fair deal.”

– Cynthia

“The thing with me that always resonated the most here… Jill remembers everybody that comes in. I’ll come in and she remembers my name…She remembers what they did even if has been six months or a year…It makes loyalty. You are being treated like you are a part of their family. They care about your car, and they care about you. And they want to do the things the right way. I wouldn’t feel as comfortable going some place that I don’t know that I could trust that they were going to do everything they could.”

– Kelly, in Sandy, UT

“A good offer is tempting, but I need to know that it is a reputable company that will back it’s products and service. As a woman, I need to be reassured that I won’t be taken advantage of (price gouged). Perhaps when I was younger and didn’t have a financial cushion, I would have always gone with cheap, but now that I can afford it, I need to make sure that cheap is safe and trustworthy, and my experience with Big O has been just that.”

– Stacey, in Aurora, CO

From the online review sites:


Review of a store in Anaheim, CA, on Yelp:

“This is a ten star rating, oops, five! Best, most honest, fair and helpful tires and fix-it place I have ever been to. Tim, the owner, and his crew are great. I am a woman and trust what I am told the car needs. He installed a battery at no charge a few years ago for me. I had to bring the battery, but…. Who does repairs for free? Good prices, good guys. They do more than just tires, too. Refer all my friends and family.”

— Vickie J.

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