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Available Territories

Where does Big O offer stores, and how are locations selected?


Whether you want to open a brand new store, convert your existing store, or explore the possibility of taking over an existing store, Big O Tires offers many opportunities. Big O has more than 360 franchisee-owned and corporate-owned stores in 19 states. If you don’t live in one of the states listed below, we still want to hear from you! Big O continues to expand, while taking care not to place a Big O franchise in an area where they would compete directly with one of TBC Corporation’s company-owned stores (NTB, Merchant’s and Tire Kingdom). The map below shows the current geographic distribution of the four brands, which work together to secure the best pricing and back one another’s warranties — providing nationwide coverage for our customers.

Current Opportunities
Arizona Kansas Oklahoma
Arkansas Kentucky Oregon
California Missouri South Dakota
Colorado MontanaUtah
Idaho Nebraska Washington
Indiana Nevada Wyoming
New Mexico

Finding your location

Big O helps franchisees conduct site evaluations, negotiate purchases and leases, or seek financing if you plan to convert an existing business. We also occasionally have prime facilities available for lease or purchase. Big O Tires stores are generally located in high-traffic areas near other auto service businesses. Our speed lanes — a distinctive service and major profit-driver for Big O — require a location in which customer vehicles can be quickly moved and lined up at the back side of the building, where they enter the Speed Lane before exiting out the front once service is complete.

Territory protection

Big O Tires requires at least 50,000 people for each Big O store in a given area, and each location enjoys a two-mile radius between it and any other store. Additionally, in most cases, existing franchisees receive the First Option to buy a proposed Big O store within five miles of their existing locations.

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