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3 Reasons to Convert Your Tire Business to a Big O Franchise

Big O ownership gives your business some significant advantages

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Owning an independent tire business in today’s market can be a challenge.

Consolidation in the tire industry has given large brands the ability to leverage buying power, allowing them to sell products at lower rates than the thousands of independent tire shops. This squeezes them out of the market and makes growth much harder.


If you are looking for ways to take your tire business to the next level, increase your market share or create an easier exit path if you decide to sell your business, here are three important reasons to research converting your business to a Big O franchise:

Buying powerBigO_tire

Today, Big O is a subsidiary of TBC Corporation (“TBC”) which also owns other automotive retail subsidiaries such as Midas and SpeeDee as well as subsidiary tire retailers Tire Kingdom, Merchant’s and NTB. TBC’s subsidiaries operate over 2,500 automotive retail locations.

The combined buying power of TBC’s subsidiaries gives Big O franchise owners some of the same market advantages as our other national tire retail brands. Owning a Big O franchise means you’ll be able to buy tires at low prices and take advantage of our wide access to more products than you might have access to as an independent owner. If other national brands are squeezing you out, stepping up to a Big O franchise might be your best way to stay competitive.

State-of-the-art marketing

A speaker from Google at the 2014 International Franchise Association Conference made a bold statement: 70% of a consumer’s decision to buy is now made online, before they contact a business or salesperson.

Franchise ownership can make your business more valuable


Big O Tires is one of America’s largest tire franchises, with more than 390 franchisee-owned and two company-owned locations. While tire sales are key to Big O Tires’ business, Big O offers a whole lot more: brake jobs, oil changes, alignments, suspension work, battery replacement, transmission fluid exchanges, cooling system fluid exchange and fills, brake fluid exchanges, power steering fluid exchanges, new wiper blades, belt replacement, radiator repairs, and headlight and taillight replacement.

Learn more about Big O Tires

For information on Big O franchise ownership, download our franchise report and begin researching our franchise opportunity.

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