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A Tire Store Franchise That Changes Employees’ Lives

College scholarships are just one example of how Big O tire shop franchises change lives from employees

Success at Big O is about more than the way you treat your customers. It’s about the way you treat your employees, too. One of the reasons customers come back to Big O year after year is that they build relationships not just with the franchise owner, but with the sales team. In business, a friendly smile goes a long way — but a friendly, familiar smile? That’s golden.


That’s why Big O franchisees ensure that their employees receive good compensation, are treated with respect as professionals, and are treated with respect as people who have families they support.

As Doug Skidmore, a franchisee in Clarksville, IN, says, “I treat them right, and they treat me right.”

Modern Tire Dealer recently wrote about one of the ways we support our employees — through scholarships that help their kids afford college. Franchise owners help fund the scholarship program.

From Modern Tire Dealer:

24 college students were recently awarded scholarships through the Big O Scholarship Fund. Six students received $2,500, one received $1,500 and 17 received $1,000 for a total disbursement of $33,500.

“While the scholarship fund is supported by many individuals, we are thrilled to announce that this is our biggest disbursement to date thanks to the generosity of Bruce Cherry and the Dublin, Calif., Big O Tires store and Todd Asher and the Big O Tires in Benicia, Calif.,” says Kevin Kormondy, executive vice president and COO, Big O Tires LLC. “Their donations more than doubled the fund, which allowed us to help more students finance some of their educational expenses, and we’re extremely grateful to them for their contributions.”


Longtime employees Dennis Johnson and Sean O’Kelley help manage a store in Jeffersonville, IN. Dennis has been with Big ) 32 years; O’Kelley for 27.

The Big O Tires Scholarship Fund is supported by and eligible to all employees of Big O Tires their franchised stores, subsidiaries and their family members.

Longevity of employees says a lot about Big O’s culture

Some Big O employees have been part of the business so long, they’re like family to customers. When people come into Josh McCullough’s store in Jeffersonville, IN, they immediately look for Dennis Johnson and Sean O’Kelley. Dennis has worked at the store for 32 years. Sean has been there for 27.

“We’re true Big O people,” Sean says. “With our warranties and services, we can do more for people than anyone else can, and we stand behind everything we do. That’s the Big O way, and it’s how we develop so much trust with our customers.”

Many employees eventually become owners themselves. If you’re looking to buy your own tire shop, and start talking to our franchisees, you might be surprised by how many came up through the ranks and bought their stores from their old boss.

Learn more about Big O Tires

Big O Tires is one of the top-ranked customer service brands, not just in the automotive services category, but in all of retail. Our commitment to the customer experience has helped franchise owners develop decades-long relationships with customers who learn to trust Big O, and come to us again and again. Learn more about our customer service experience by reading our research pages at, and learn why, as franchisee Joe Happel of Louisville, Ky., put it, if you’re considering opening a tire shop, Big O “is a slam dunk.”

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